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"If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will become good, and produce better fruit. Therefore, children must be given a good training from their earliest childhood."

Welcome to Walia Global Academy, Najibabad.

We began with a glorious vision of creating a student centric centre for creative learning. The aim of our school is to provide unmatched qualitative education par excellence.

Modern education is all about facilitating the child to realize and explore his potentialities and latent talents. We strongly assume that a child is born with some inherent attributes but certain attributes one has to learn and develop in one self practically and Walia Global Academy facilitate to inculcate those soft skills through academic curriculum and co-scholastic activities.

As a parent, you want the best for your child as our children represent our hopes and dreams. We are proud to associate with your dreams to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges.

We, at Walia Global Academy, firmly believe that a school is a 'world in miniature' where one receives "training for life", where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is at school where one begins to learn lessons of life - to accept challenges, face competition, and rejoice at victory and triumph.

We are committed to traditional Indian values and culture for students to be connected with their identity, at the same time we also recognize the need for a global perspective in life.

Our endeavour is to provide a nurturing, safe, secure, and orderly student-centric school environment that sensitize students for manifold growth of personality of each student.

We aspire to encourage our students to believe in themselves and to scale the greater heights in their career.

Shyam Prakash Tiwari