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    Dear Parents & Readers

     Walia Global Academy has been initiated to redefine education in its true sprit. The desiderium was to provide globally acclaimed system of learning based on the understanding of child pedagogy. The system followed is not on the run of mill concept of instructing but is staunchly based on unleashing individual creativity through regular mentoring and encouragement, quintessential for confidence and growth.  

  "The well aligned infrastructure, qualified and dedicated faculty, the steadfast management are all catalytic to and ensure growth of each student at micro and macro level. To augment, the incessant and perennial assistance of the educationist from India and Abroad would further cement the success of our ventures. We hope WGAIANS to soar high and champion their own sky.

      We at WGA intent to provide our pupils with the best of opportunities to become successful learners. We are planning classroom activities and experience that will of course allow the children of our school to express in many ways they are smart.

       We are basing all these on the theory of multiple intelligence developed by Dr. Howard gardner. Our Endeavour is to strengthen our collaborated effort to identify different levels of child’s ability.

     As the medium of instruction in school is English, students should be helped to follow their work easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home. Taking time out just to speak to, or read stories in English as well as encouraging your ward to read out and narrate stories in English, will help your ward in acquiring greater command over the language.

Mr. Ramakant Walia
Walia Global Academy