Admission Guidelines and Criteria :

Our school year begins in the third week of March, every year. Students arriving from other countries can join as late as September if necessary.

For primary & middle school grades, students must have completed the minimum age on or before 30 September of the academic year for eligibility into the required grade. In addition, the school will also ascertain through a process of classroom observations whether students have achieved the required academic objectives as per the curriculum to be able to cope with the levels of teaching and learning in the relevant grades. Students must also possess adequate classroom skills and be well behaved in order to be able to work in a classroom environment with other children.

Once enrolled, students' admissions can be cancelled by the school management only due to non payment of school fee or issues regarding integrity and harmful behavior. Parents can withdraw their children from the school as per the withdrawal policy of the school.

 Candidates who are offered admission must avail of the offer within the specified time by paying the necessary admission dues, as defined in the current year’s fee structure and returning duly filled & signed application form and report in such case, the school will be entitled to offer the place to another candidate in order merit/ position waiting list.

 On full payment of the admission dues and submission of the relevant documents, candidates will be given an admission document allotted and admission number placed on the school rolls.

 Once admitted, candidates will be subject to all the rules and regulation of the school admission, once paid will not under any circumstances be refundable.

Fee & Fines

 All fees must be paid in advance.

 Fee will be charged for the whole duration, irrespective of the child’s attendance.

 No reduction of fees will be made on account of any holiday/forced closure or temporary absence for any cause whatsoever.

 No child will not be allowed to join the new term until all the fee dues for the preceding term are cleared.

Transfer Certificate

 Transfer certificate requires a prior notice of One Month. Full year’s fee shall be charged if the students is withdrawn/ TC claimed in mid session.

 No transfer certificate will be issued before all dues are cleared.


 If a child has to be withdrawn from school, parents are requested to give on calendar month’s notice in writing, failing which Bi month’s fee will be charged in lieu thereof.

 Parents withdrawing their child in the middle of a term will not be entitled to any refund of fee.

 Parents who decide to discontinue to education of a child from the next term must give prior notice in writing to reach the Principal not less than 30 days before the start of the next term. Failing this, the security deposit will be forfeited.


 Security deposit amount is refundable and will be refunded on month after the withdrawal of the child only on written request from the parent/guardian.

 The refund of the security deposit is subject to be clearance of alludes. Security Deposit will not be adjusted against the pending dues.

 Security Deposit must not be claimed until one month of the withdrawal. At the time of claiming the refund of security deposit the parent/guardian must produce the original receipt of Deposit of Caution Money.

School Uniform

 Uniforms are available in the school at actual cost. On being granted admission to the school new students are given a clothing list, detailing the articles to be brought to the school by each child and listing those that the school will supply.

 The school uniform must be worn to school on all working days and for all school function. Students should be habitually clean and near in their turn-out.

 Those students who are slovenly dressed or not in uniform are liable to be sent back home.

 Parents must ensure that no more and no less than the articles required are sent with the child. Personal item (s) to school with their children since the school will not under any circumstances, take responsibility for the loss of any such items.

General Rules

 Students are expected to reach school before the bell rings for the assembly and taken back home at correct time.

 Students are not allowed to go during school hours. In case a student has a special engagement or a medical appointment during class hours, the student must remain absent for the day.

 Parents/Guarding are requested not to meet their wards or teachers in the class-room, without the prior permission of the Principal.

 All home work must be done regularly. Memorizing work is also homework. Holiday homework must be done carefully as it will be marked. After holidays, Tests will be given on the courses covered.

 The school is no responsible for goods lost. It is nor advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, item of jewellery etc. to school.

 Care must be taken of all school property. No student will damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher Recovery for any damage will be made from the concerned student.