Walia Global Academy in Najibabad has been invited on account of commitment of Late Shri Ram Gopal Walia to the residents of city for providing quality education at an affordable fee to every child eliminating the effects of poverty, racism, religion and other conditions and other forms of discrimination that plague our system. Our school assures that their future shall not be put to risk under any circumstances and equal responsibility shall be provided without any distinction. The school is to get affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi and hence will follow the curriculum framed by CBSE and the NCERT.

We at WGA intent to provide our pupils with the best of opportunities to become successful learners. We are planning classroom activities and experience that will of course allow the children of our school to express in many ways they are smart. We are basing all these on the theory of multiple intelligence developed by Dr. Howard gardner. Our Endeavour is to strengthen our collaborated effort to identify different levels of child’s ability. We initiate these different programmers and we expect our parents to help us in their time to follow our instructions given below -

To strengthen our school home connection and to help your child expand upon his or her learning the following are a few examples of things you can do at home –

Read to your child and let your child read to you.

Encourage your child to write stories and poems.

Visit various museums.

Provide an area across where your child can design and construct creations.

Have a variety of craft materials available.

Provide opportunities for physical attractive both inside and outside the home.

Play a variety of music from the radio, records, tapes and CDs.

Encourage your child to make up songs raps, and chants with you or friends.

Encourage your child to participate in group activities and functions in the neighborhood.

Encourage your child to express his or her feelings Never discuss them.

Provide a quiet space in the home for your child to think and reflect.

Never exiticise your child.


Each child in born different but each is born unique. A child’s imagination and creativity is the most beautiful, most fascinating, most pure for it is not a mere translation or abstraction from life, it is a whole world of life itself. WGA believes that each child shall be provided with an opportunity to express his uniqueness, for nothing dies faster than an idea in a closed mind. To give a fillip to the uniqueness of young minds and to provide a platform to nurture their individuality WGA aim at :-

  Excellent Infrastructure with sports academy, multimedia block, smart classes and special labs for languages and facilities including lift, ramp.

  Fashion studies, Home science and language courses.

  Additional classes for meritorious students and under achievers.

  Total personality development through theatre, sports (indoor/outdoor including snooker, skating, basketball, badminton, tennis) value education etc.

  Rich exposure to out of school events.

  Regular counseling and carrer guidance qualitative grooming of students for success globally.

  Dedicated and top class management of the school.

  Numerous scholarships for talented and deserving students in scholastic and non-scholastic categories.

  Special focus on performing art and other talent enhancement activities.

  Regular PTN’s and students growth chart.

  Regular exhibitions Inter and Intra school competitions Thematic assemblies.

  Computer Aided learning and emphasis on learning by doing.

  Holistic educations, Total Personality development English conversation.

  Transport facilities upto 20 kms.